• Real Estate

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    Watterson Law has experience representing land owners, developers, builders and entrepreneurs in all matters relating to real estate acquisition, financing, tax structuring, entitlement, construction, and divestiture, including the following:
    • Advise various ownership groups of master planned subdivisions in the acquisition, entitlement, and divestiture of single family lots, multi-family sites, and commercial sites.
    • Representation of homebuilders in general corporate, acquisition and entitlement matters.
    • Ongoing representation of investment partnerships in all phases of the acquisition, entitlement, and divestiture of a mixed use subdivision from raw, unentitled land, including organizing private/public partnership for the extension of critical utilities to site, and ultimate divestiture of the project.
    • Representation of multiple investment partnerships in tax planning and structuring of land banking structures to maximize capital gains treatment of sale proceeds.
    • Advise multi-family ownership group in all operational aspects of business, including acquisition and divestiture of projects, and financing and refinancing of commercial loans.
    • Represent land-owners in the formation of joint venture structures for land entitlement and development.
    • Representation of borrowers in loan work-outs and debt restructuring matters.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

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    Watterson Law represents entrepreneurial transportation and oilfield services companies in mergers and acquisitions activity, including:
    • $110 Million asset acquisition of oilfield services company;
    • $32 Million asset acquisition of rig moving company;
    • $42 Million share acquisition of logistics and courier company;
    • $310 Million share acquisition of trucking company;
    • $22 Million asset acquisition of courier company;
    • $30 Million share acquisition of oilfield transportation company.
    • various crane companies ranging from $4 Million to $11 Million.
  • General Corporate and Transportation Law

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    As the former US General Counsel for TFI International, Inc., Watterson law has extensive experience in a broad range of matters confronting oilfield services transport companies, courier companies, crane companies, and trucking companies:
    • Managed extensive litigation portfolio for international transportation company, including:
      • various class action suits and individual suits involving employee/independent contractor misclassification claims;
      • wage and hour claims;
      • breach of contract claims.
      • cargo claims
      • administrative claims
    • Representation of various heavy-haul oilfield services firms in contesting claims for IRS federal excise tax (FET) on heavy vehicles.
    • Assist clients in acquisition and management of financing and banking relationships, including operating lines of credit, equipment financing, asset-based lending, etc.
    • Representation in all legal aspects of managing real estate portfolio, including acquisition, divestiture, leasing matters, environmental matters, etc.
    • Assist clients in mergers and acquisitions, including share and asset acquisitions/divestitures and all associated matters.
    • Provide advice on all matters related to DOT compliance, including the applicability of the wait-time exemption from hours of service rules.